Launch Friends, Welcome!

welcome launch friends


I’m thrilled that you are now part of the Launch Team for “Christmas Puzzles: Minkie Monster Saves Christmas.” The book will be released on 1 November and you can download your review copy here.

It’s finally happening and I am so excited! I hope we can get some buzz around the launch!

What is Christmas Puzzles?minkie-christmas-fco1000px

“Christmas Puzzles: Minkie Monster Saves Christmas.” is the third in a series of puzzle and story books. I believe in learning through fun and this book is packed full of puzzles and games to keep little ones interested and learning without realising it. The age range is 1-6 but primarily it is aimed at 3-5 year olds. The younger ones can listen to the story and search for Bob in the book and the older children can do the word puzzles.

The Plan

I did have the crazy idea of giving prizes randomly for honest reviews but Amazon has now stated that this is not acceptable in their terms and conditions. I am just going to have to hope you love the books enough to review them! 🙂

Places to Review:

  • Goodreads:
  • Amazon
  • Your blog

Please leave your review at Goodreads between 1-4 November. It will be easy to copy and paste your review into Amazon when the book goes live for more chances to win the following prizes.

The Prizes

Everybody gets my infinite gratitude!

If you’ve posted your reviews please do send me an email to [email protected] to let me know so I can notify my networks and link to it from my website.

How do I help out?

Step 1:

Download the Book at: 

Step 2:

Review the book at Amazon, Goodreads and/or your blog.

Step 3:

Let me know you done a review by sending me, your minkiemonster username and the links to: [email protected] or just smile a secret smile knowing that I check the reviews on my books like an obsessed dog hunting for a bone he can smell but can’t see.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This would not be possible without you!