Space Puzzles! Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise

Minkie 1 reduced size front coverMinkie has a problem…

Minkie Monster has a problem. He’s been invited to a birthday party, but he can’t seem to remember whose. To top it all off, his best friend, Bob, is hiding – again. Now, Minkie has to go on the journey of his young lifetime to the planet Venus to find answers. Along the way, he’ll have to solve problems and follow the clues.

Filled with coloring pages, dot-to-dot activities, matching games, and word search puzzles, Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise will help your child develop counting, reading and cognitive skills while also giving them the opportunity to enjoy some age-appropriate fun.

Follow along and enjoy as Minkie and your preschooler follow the clues!

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The Minkie Monster series of books are activity books for children up to the age of 6. They are designed to be a story book with puzzles which get harder as your child gets older. All the puzzle books have links and passwords to download the PDF so your child can redo the puzzles and coloring pages again and again.


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